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“Travieso” Arce Lights Up Mexicali!

Just as he had promised in the final press conference leading up to this past Saturday night’s super bantamweight show down, Mexican five time world champion Jorge “Travieso” Arce (60-6-2, 45KOs) proved right when stated that his bouts consisted of, “blood, knockdowns and show.”  That and more was on display when Arce stopped the visibly overweight Lorenzo Parra (31-4-1, 18KOs) of Aragua, Venezuela, in the fifth round of a scheduled ten.  More than 4,500 Mexicali, Mexico, boxing fans squeezed into the Palenque FEX to witness Arce struggle at times with Parra’s style before scoring an exciting knock out a little over a minute into the fifth heat in the main event of The Zanfer Promotions’ event.

Arce Punishes Parra to the Mid-Section Photo by Rafael Soto Gil

Arce of Los Mochis, Mexico, is coming off capturing his fifth title in as many divisions when last November he earned a nearly landslide victory over Angky Angkota.  With the win, Arce strapped the WBO bantamweight division around his waist.  In somewhat of a “return bout” tour, the win over the Angkota was his second since back in ’10 he earned a technical decision over the Angkota after a cut over the Asian’s right eye due to an accidental head butt prevented him from continuing.   This face off with Parra also is a rematch of their 2010 encounter where they fought to a draw in a WBO super bantamweight eliminator.  The thirty-three year old Parra was stopped eight rounds in his last bout at the fists of Anselmo Moreno last June.

It was obvious from the opening bell that Parra had no interest in engaging with Arce for any prolonged amount of time as he very skillfully maneuvered himself out of harm’s way with fleet feet as soon as Arce set himself and tried to land a combination.  Despite moving about, Parra was throwing and landing punches including a stiff right hand that got Arce’s attention. Arce, wanting to give the amassed crowd a good show, asked for more in hopes that Parra would slow down and brawl with him.

Parra kept on scoring the better punches in the second as he was able to out-box Arce with relative ease emphasizing on the right hand.  Mid way trough the round, he scored a beautiful right upper cut followed with a left hook that not only shook Arce but also seemed to embarrass him.  Arce kept going to Parra’s mushy mid section knowing that eventually he would be able to cash in on the body attack.

Despite the visible weight that Parra carried on his body, he moved quite well around the ring as he escaped Arce’s attempts in trapping him against the ropes.  Arce began to clinch in the third and while holding on to his south American opponent, began to challenge him to stand and fight with him.  Arce did turn up the tempo as Parra slightly slowed down near the end of the stanza and he began to score even more decisively to the body.  As Parra scurried away, Arce was able to catch him and score with a jab followed with a quick right hand that stuck Parra square on the face and sent him down to the canvas.  Parra didn’t look hurt and beat the count easily with Arce trouncing on him hoping to finish him off but to no avail as the experienced Parra was able to survive the round.

Arce Celebrates Win Photo by Rafael Soto Gil

The fight opened up in the fourth as Arce came out determined to finish Parra off.  Arce kept attacking the body as Parra visibly slowed down tremendously compared to the first third of the fight.  Finally the left hook to the liver of Arce pays back as the Los Mochis fighter scored a picture perfect one that forced Parra to take knee.  Parra beats the count once more but only to go down again seconds later from anther shot to the liver but he gets back up again.  Like a cat with nine lives, Parra is able to hear the bell signaling the end of the fourth round.

The inevitable was only a minute away into the fifth round as another hook, this time a right one, drops Parra for the last time.  This time, referee Juan Jose Ramirez was able to reach the count of ten.

In by now typical Arce fashion, Arce brought himself attention seconds after the official result was read by announcer Lupe Contreras by removing his trunks and donning a towel in center ring as he gifted his just used fight trunks to Mexicali mayor Francisco Perez Tejada.

Paez Jr. Gives Mexicali a Knockout Win

In his first bout back from his spectacular upset win over Omar Chavez, Mexicali born Jorge “Maromerito” Paez Jr. (31-4-1, 19KOs) gave his hometown a treat when he scored a well earned TKO victory over southpaw Octavio “Tayo” Castro (16-8-1, 9KOs) of Empalme, Mexico.

"Maromerito" Paez Jr. Scores Versus "Tayo" Photo by Rafael Soto Gil

The well seasoned Paez Jr. wasted no time and took it to Castro from the get go, stalking him around the ring.  Paez Jr. made good use of his right hand against the southpaw and made sure to cut off the ring from the mobile “Tayo”.  Paez Jr. then scored with a nice right hand that stopped his previous teammate of the Mexican Olympic committee Castro in his track.  Paez Jr. pushed the action again in the second as he scored with hard power punches to the body and head of Castro while the taller “Tayo” stayed in the pocket and received the attack as he tried to counter punched.  Paez Jr. displayed his defense as he was able to slip and dip as he avoided the majority of Castro’s punches.

Paez Jr. welcomed “Tayo” to the third round with a hard uppercut that busted Castro’s nose.  With Castro hurt, Paez Jr. continued to score as Castro was trying to simply survive.  Paez Jr. kept hammering away as Castro moved around the ring.  The last nail in the coffin came in the shape of an unanswered stiff right hand from Paez Jr. which proved to referee Juan Jose Ramirez that “Tayo” had enough as he halted the punishment at the 2:31 mark of the third round.

“Azabache” Gets Back to Winning

Popular Mexicali fighter Roberto “Azabache” Castañeda got back in the win column after suffering his first pro loss in his last fight by grinding out a fourth round TKO of a game Eden Marquez of Navojoa, Mexicali.  Marquez took the first round with controlled pressure as “Azabache” tried to get his legs going.  Castañeda has his moments but Marquez closed the round with a heavy right hand that caught Castañeda’s attention.

The hard hitting Marquez turned up the heat in the second and tried to make it into a brawl as he jumped on Castañeda and tried to tie him up against the ropes.  Feeling the pressure, Castañeda begins to intensify his fight but a bit wildly giving Marquez the opportunity to counterpunch.  Marquez keeps scoring with the right hand as the sold out crowd begins to support their hometown fighter with shouts of encouragement.  Near the end of the round, “Azabache” was able to score with his own set of right hands.

The tide began to turn in Castañeda’s favor in the third when both fighters began to exchange heavy leather with the Mexicali fighter landing the better punches.  With the crowd on his side, “Azabache” looked cool, calm and collected as he picked his spots and looked to counterpunch what was turning into a wild assault from the frenzied Marquez.  Again in the fourth Marquez came out like a bat out of hell, looking to rush Castañeda in the hopes that his taller opponent would make a mistake.  Marquez was a little to eager to strike Castañeda and was penalized by the third man in the ring Juan Jose Ramirez for tabbit punching during a clinch.  Marquez continues to maul Castañeda but it worked in favor of the hometown fighter when he scored a hard right upper cut that caught Marquez flush and busted his nose.  Smelling blood, Castañeda stepped on the gas pedal and forced Ramirez to stop the but with no argument from Marquez or his corner.  The stoppage was at 2:32 of the fourth round.

With the win, Castañeda goes to 19-1-1 with fourteen wins inside the distance while Eden Marquez drops to 22-9-2, 16KOs.

Adan Mares Makes Pro Debut a Spectacular One

Adan Mares, Abner's brother, Finishes off Fernandez in Pro Debut Photo by Rafael Soto Gil

Tijuana by way of Hawaiian Gardens, CA’s Adan Mares, brother of former bantamweight champion Abner Mares (1-0, 1KO), kept the family tradition of winning alive as he stopped Francisco Fernandez (0-1) of Mexicali in the first round of his pro debut.  Trained in the CREA gym by Romulo Quirarte and his sons, Mares has made the border town his home as he forges into his professional career after a respectable amateur career.

From the first seconds of the bout it was evident that Fernandez was much too green for Mares as his movements were those of an amateur.  Mares quickly established his jab and when he noticed that it wasn’t going to be a problem to get inside on his slightly taller opponent, decided to start scoring with power punches to the head and body of Fernandez.  Mares kept punching and scoring as Fernandez was just trying to survive.  The end came when Mares landed a three punch combination punctuated with a right to the solar plexus that sent Fernandez to the canvas unable to recuperate.  The TKO came at 2:37 of the first round.

Arce’s Nephew Destroys Zepeda

Scoring his fourth knockout in as many fights, Jorge Arce’s nephew, Oscar Arce (4-0, 4KOs), stopped Alejandro Zepeda (0-1) and ruined Zepeda’s pro debut as well as his night.  Zepeda of San Felipe, Mexico, came out confident and landed a hard right hand to the cheek of Arce.  That seemed to wake up the Arce spirit as he put together smooth combinations to the body and then the head.  Arce kept pressuring and led his prey to the ropes where he kept banging to the body and then scored with a bruising right cross that disconnected Zepeda from his senses although still on his feet.  The third man in the ring had no other choice but to jump in the middle to stop the brutal assault.  Official time was :30 seconds of the first round.

Other Results:

In an entertaining back and forth four rounder, heavily tattooed Mexicali fighter Armando “Chato” Robles (18-1-1, 10KOs) warmed up the crowd by scoring a rare knock out of Abraham Alvarezozuna (17-2-1, 9KOs) of Rosario, Mexico.  The much quicker Alvarezosuna was able to get through Robles’ guard early in the bout but “Chato” bided his time and scored with power punches to the body then quickly incorporated sneaky left and right hooks that got around Alvarezozuna’s high but penetrable guard.  With that same punch Robles’ was able to hurt Alvarezozuna as they exchanged punches in the middle of the ring.  After Robles scored with a right hook to the jaw that wobbled Alvarezozuna, he kept repeating the doses and caught him again.  Alvarezozuna went down but beat the count as he winked to his corner signaling he was ok.  He wasn’t.  Robles followed him around the ring scoring again and again with the right hook until trapping Alvarezozuna in the red corner and forcing Juan Jose Ramirez to jump in with seconds left in the round.  Official time was 2:43 of the third round.

Somebody’s ‘0’ had to go and it was Gilberto Parra’s of Ciudad Obregon, Mexico, in a high action intense war against Los Mochis, Mexico’s Jose Manuel Sanchez in a straw weight six rounder.  It was a give and take affair as both fighters gave no quarrel from the opening bell with hardly any boxing going on but plenty of brawling.  Parra’s luck didn’t help as he suffered a deep gash over his right eye that bled into his eye for the rest of the clash.  Sanchez imposed his will for the majority of the fight while Parra had his moments but was wobbled on two difference occasions from Sanchez’s punches.  At the end, two judges scored it 58-56 for Sanchez while the third saw it an even 57-57 to award the Los Mochis native the majority decision.

Venezuelan middleweight Jose Uzcategui (10-0, 8KOs), who makes his home in Tijuana, Mexico, didn’t take too much time to dispatch his stiffest test yet on paper, hometown favorite Rolando “Indio” Paredes (7-2-2, 7KOs).  Both fighters began to exchange heavy leather from the opening bell with Uzcategui landing the straighter shots while Paredes the wider, wilder ones.  Uzcategui quickly began to find a home for his thundering straight right and it paid dividends mid round when it dropped Paredes.  “Indio” was shaken but not hurt and tried to turn up the heat but that only played into the Venezuelan’s hands as he was able to counter punch him more steadily.  After the fourth or fifth straight right that Paredes caught flush in the face, the third man in the referee stopped the bout in what many considered an early stoppage since Paredes was still throwing punches.  Official time was 2:37 of the first of a scheduled six.

In a strange bout, Rosario, Sinaloa’s Ramiro Alcaraz (13-1-1, 7KOs) scored a strange stoppage at the 1:45 mark of the first round over Luis “Bofo” Viedes (10-6-1, 4KOs) of Ensenada, Mexico. The bout was scheduled for six rounds in the lightweight division.  To start when Viedes tried to touch gloves at the beginning of the bout, Alcaraz instead welcomed him to the fight with a jab followed with a quick right.  Viedes met the canvas and barely made it to his feet despite the slow count from the referee.  Alcaraz then continued to beat Viedes who really didn’t have any answer for Alcaraz’s barrage.  Later into the round when the two fighters entangled themselves in the center of the ring, Alcaraz stepped back and scored with a punishing left hook right above the belt line.  Viedes complained of a low blow and the referee did not bother to count.  After Viedes was helped up by his corner, it was announced a TKO win for Alcaraz.

In the walk out fight of the night, Mexicali’s Sergio Ortega (4-0, 4KOs) scored yet another knock out victory over previously unbeaten Tijuana fighter Miguel Nava (3-1, 1KO) in the second round of a scheduled four round junior welterweight bout.  Ortega scored a knockdown with an impressive right hook to the chest and seconds later scored another right hand, this time to the chin of Nava that sent the Tijuana crashing down to the canvas.  Referee David Barrera did not bother to administer a count and instead just waived off the contest.  Official time was :57 of the second round.


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